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chef alejandro fuentes cedrón

“My Cuisine seeks to take care of my guests”. —Alex Fuentes


Our Philosophy

A brasserie frais: The encounter of traditional French gastronomy with a vision of light and fresh creations.

We seek to redefine the idea of a traditional brasserie where:
• Portions are small.
• Dishes are heavy.

Characteristics of our Restaurant:
• Fine casual
• Chef driven
• Three service shifts

Our brand is an insight into the Chef, an expression of His personality. It speaks of His passion for the Cuisine he elaborates, the sharing of His respect to it as well as incorporating the concept of restoration into the blend.

Chef Alejandro Fuentes

A very “French” Mexican with a fresh vision.
Cedrón serves as His début: a visionary Chef that gathers all the learned experiences through His cruising around the world.

After His tenure at Au Pied de Cochon, Mexico and the Ritz, Paris; He proposes a cuisine based on seasonal local produce, with a French culinary style, which under His vision He blends, with artistry, classic and contemporary dishes that accentuate His versatility and coining-it as His style and seal.

Gastronomy… Stories told from a different perspective.
“I create to share mine; Cedrón is birthed from the inspiration gained by varied landscapes and tastes: the Mediterranean and its ports, the diverse brasseries of varied culinary capitals and the markets of the world.

—Alejandro Fuentes

Traveler and chef.

Restaurante Cedrón proximamente

The restaurant is located in the heart of Colonia Condesa


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Details that make your visit to Cedrón… an unforgettable experience.

Cedrón… is PET FRIENDLY: next to the window box you will find three water bowls for your pets as well as hooks to toe tie-them up with their leashes.

Cedrón… OFFERS AUTHOR BASED MIXOLOGY: a drink menu designed by German Ortega, who is at the moment the director and mixologist at The Comrad.

At the end of the main dish, CEDRÓ INFUSION: the waiting staff will serve Cedrón Infusion (100ml ) with a French Press before each of our guests..

MUSIC LIVESET at Cedrón . Jazz, Soul, Spanish Guitars, Funk, Latin, Cuban rhythms: —Carlos Alcazar Quartet —Flora Pasquet —Diego Maroto

“Our Restaurant is open Sunday Evenings”

Our restaurant is conceived as a blend of inspiration from the diverse landscapes and tastes of the Mediterranean and its ports, located in the heart of Colonia Condesa, it offers a vision of fresh French traditional cuisine fused with the tastes of the sea.